4-10 years old

Zee You Later 


This one-hour arts and crafts exploration class will include different uses of art materials, textures, and even some non-conventional items to create beautiful masterpieces!

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Images and photos are glued on their choice of object in an overlapping technique, creating a very exciting array of colors and visual relationships.

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The Monster Series


Create your own monstrosity!

A two-part inspirationally monstrous class.

Part 1   and   Part 2

Cartooning and Illustration 


Class will focus on building characters, imagery, and elements of a superhero. 

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Comic Book Art


class will focus on allowing students to use the superhero they created and watch him/her come to life in a full comic book that they can personalize 

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Basic Drawing


Students will be introduced to the basic principals and techniques of drawing. Explore the use of line, gesture, contour, shading and shadowing.

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Learn the basics of how to work with paint, mix colors, set up a palette and paint what you see. Experiment with different styles from still life to abstract art. 

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Students will develop a visual art portfolio that represents their artistic accomplishments.

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Fashion Design
and Sewing


Students learn to make

their own clothing from the first fabric cut to the final runway strut.  

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Silk Scarf Painting


A watercolor painting you can wear. Each student will create a number of silk scarves painted with their own beautiful design.  

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Students will learn how to use the various tools in Photoshop and how to create and modify digital images using a variety of tools and methods.

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Kids will learn basic photography and camera techniques. No special equipment is required - any point and shoot camera; even a cell phone or iPod with a camera will work!

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